When you start up the game, a intro cutscene will play. The intro starts off with a Scratch Cat and his owner talking in the owner's bedroom. The owner greets Scratch, Scratch meows back in reply. The owner asks Scratch if he wants a treat. Scratch meows 2 times. Then a mouse appears. The owner notices the mouse. The owner is afraid of mice. The owner says, "EEK! A MOUSE!" The mouse replys with, "Did you say treats?" Then it says, "Say bye too... come to think of it, what is your owner's name?" Then you name her. The mouse says the owners name. Scratch says, "NO! I WONT LET YOU!" The mouse picks up the owner and runs away. Scratch trys to stop the mouse by jumping up and kicking the mouse. But he fails. Referencing the move "Hi-Jump Kick" in pokemon. Scratch then screams "NO!!" Then the title screen appears.

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